Welcome to Cloudbeam!

We believe that sharing files with your team should be easy. That’s why we built Cloudbeam!

So instead of worrying about uploading a file to you drive, tracking your storage space, distributing share links, monitoring who has accessed your share, and the many, many other small problems that come with this seemingly simple task, leave it all to us!

Bulky email attachment that won’t cooperate? Company’s cloud drive filled to the rafters? Tired of tracking? Cloudbeam it!

How Do I Cloudbeam?

Wondering how you can stop fussing with cloud drives and start Cloudbeaming? (Yes, you can use it as a verb from now on, we’re cool with that)

Read on future Cloudbeam enthusiast; we’ll let you know how we do things!

Download and Done

When you upload and share a file, it will be active and available to download, until everyone you shared it with has downloaded it or until 30 days have elapsed since the date it was uploaded.

Cloudbeam is meant to be a rapid, temporary sharing utility, so we don’t like to keep files hanging around gathering dust in our space-age cloud. Does the prospect of sorting through heaps of old, abandoned files give you the chills, too? We thought so. That’s why we keep our cloud tidy and clean out the old, lonely files.

While the file is active, you can share it as many times, to as many people as you like. However, once everyone you shared the file with has downloaded it using the unique link we sent them, the file gets deleted, automatically.

No need to worry about managing storage space or manually deleting it. We'll do that for you!

One Code, One Download

The unique share code can be used to download the file ONE TIME and one time only, no exceptions!

This means that once they download the file, their unique code will be made inactive. No need to worry about links being passed around outside your intended share group!

Emails, Automated

You can choose who will get to download your file. All you need to do is give us their email address. Quick and Painless!

We’ll set everything up in the background and they’ll receive an email from us with their unique share code and any extra info you want to pass along to them in a custom message.

For each file you upload to Cloudbeam, we'll keep track of who has received a download link, and more importantly, who has used their link to download the file.We'll even send out a reminder email to those procrastinators on the list if they haven’t downloaded the file and we are about to do some cloud clean up.

When everyone on your share list has downloaded the content, we'll send you an email to let you know!

Forget About a File? Cleanup Is On Us!

Every file that you upload to our server will be stored in our cloud for a maximum of 30 days; after that month has passed, we'll remove the file automatically. Remember, we hate seeing old files left abandoned and gathering dust...

Don't worry though, when we clean up a forgotten file, we'll send you an email to let you know that we spruced up!

That means that if you send out a link that never gets used, or you just forget about a file, you don't need to worry about that file hanging around. Cleanup is on us!

Curious to know more?

Want to get some behind-the-scenes info on how we went about making Cloudbeam?

Check the link below to see a quick explanation of how we tackled some of the issues behind making this whole thing possible.

How we made Cloudbeam